Uncertainty: Welcome To the Future

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes. (The Cobbler of Preston by Christopher Bullock, 1716)

Many of us are, no doubt, familiar with those two most famous examples of certainty. And the fact is, everything else is pretty much up for grabs. Flash back to the end of February 2020. How many of us imagined the ensuing year would transpire the way it did, would see a global pandemic, would change the ways in which we live, work, and socialize? We rest our case.

The abiding lesson from the past year, of course, is that we all need to be as well prepared as possible for the unexpected (short of clairvoyance). We need to be as resourceful as possible as we confront the unexpected, however it manifests (short of a planet-destroying galactic calamity). And we have to be as mindful as possible of the needs of those we serve (short of surveying them non-stop, which might be the only thing worse than a planet-destroying calamity).

What Happens Next?

We have no idea. If we did, we’d be in a completely different line of work; although, we’d probably shy away from phone psychic. Kidding aside, and even though we really don’t know what will happen next, some things seem fairly predictable:

  • If you sell property/casualty insurance, you’ll have prospects and policyholders.
  • If you have prospects, they’ll want to be able to evaluate and purchase policies, to understand coverage limits and exclusions, and to have flexible billing and payment options.
  • If you have policyholders, they’ll want to be full informed at all times, to have digital access to their policy and claims information, and to have whatever level of self-service with which they might be comfortable.
  • If you want to be as responsive to your prospects and policyholders as they expect you to be, you’ll need a processing suite with the functionality to provide that responsiveness and with the scalability to grow as your business grows.

If we go any farther than that, we’ll be tooting our own horn. And nobody needs that.

But we’re here to help when you’re ready to live with uncertainty.

And you won’t need a psychic hotline.

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