The Next Level

We’re in the midst of March Madness. We love the games and everything. But one of our favorite parts of the experience is that we get to hear any number of coaches and players in the innumerable post-game interviews saying things like this: “We have to take our game to the next level.” Or this: “Well, our shots were falling pretty good, but we have to take our defense to the next level.” But it’s not just sports. The subject could be business, personal finances, the landscaping around your home, the resolution on your TV screen, pet grooming, your relationship with your significant other — anything. People are always talking about the next level:

“Take it to the next level.”

“We have to get this thing to the next level.”

“If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to take your attitude to the next level.”

Are we the only ones who wonder what the next level is? Don’t we need to know the level we’re on before we can determine the next one? How many levels are there?

Deep Breath

In assessing any claims about or aspirations towards the next level, we need to separate rhetoric from reality. Let’s take our software for example. Do we want to take the Finys Suite to the next level? Absolutely. Do we know what the next level is? Not exactly. And the reason we don’t exactly know is that we’re not going to determine it in a vacuum. We’re going to look at what we’re dedicated to doing — property/casualty insurance administration.

We’re also going ask our customers what works well, what might not work so well, and what they’d like to see next. We do that continuously through the input of our Innovation Advisory Board. We’re going to remain as informed as we can by interactions at industry events, talking with prospects, constant reading and reviews of insurtech and industry trends, and maintaining advisory relationships. We’re going to assess the cost/benefit of what we can do and when. And we’re going to map out the next successive levels in the way that makes sense for all parties involved.

How about this? Let’s agree everything and everyone wants to get to the next level. But let’s also agree we have to evaluate where we are. We have to determine and define the next level. And we have to develop a plan to get there.

Are you ready for the next level?

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