It’s Not Rocket Science

Since we’re software developers — and given the world’s tendencies toward complexity — we thought it might be a good idea to take a crack at simplicity. So, here goes:

The Finys Suite is effectively a property/casualty policy administration system … with a few operational goodies added on. More specifically, the Suite includes all of the capabilities required of a policy admin system:

  1. Rating
  2. Quoting
  3. Binding
  4. Issuing
  5. Endorsements
  6. Renewals
  7. Workflows to manage 1-6.

Then we added:

  • Claims to make it easier for insurers to keep their promises of financial protection to their policyholders
  • Billing to make it easier for insurers to automate the calculation and collection of premiums, fees, and taxes
  • Business Intelligence to make it easier for insurers to aggregate, analyze, and report from their data to improve decision-making
  • Portals and mobile accessibility to make it easier for insurers to share information; allow agents, vendors, and policyholders to serve themselves; and to reduce service costs while increasing customer satisfaction
  • Design Studio to make it easier for insurers to configure and manage the Finys Suite and the products they build with it.

Science Meets Art

Did the Suite take a degree of technical proficiency to develop? Yes. Did it require knowledge of the insurance industry and its operational processes? Yup. Did we architect the Suite so it will scale as insurers grow? Uh huh. Did we apply a little foresight to ensure the Suite is flexible enough to accommodate insurers’ needs in the future? We did that, too. Did our years of experience developing software and working in and around the insurance industry help? Well, they didn’t hurt. Did we decide to treat our customers the way we’d choose to be treated. Yes. Quite deliberately. And that’s made all the difference.

The science of designing and building rockets is as complex as it gets. But an effective property/casualty policy administration system doesn’t have to be anywhere near that complicated. By combining the science of technology with the art of customer care, we found out it doesn’t take rocket science.

It just takes a little Finys.

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