Because we like to keep ourselves abreast of what’s going on in the insurance industry, we happed across a post from Comperemedia purporting to identify three emerging trends. They are:

  1. Ecosystems Expanding
  2. Brands as a Life Coach
  3. Beyond the Screen as We Know It.

We don’t know what any of those things are supposed to mean. So, we looked up Comperemedia. According to its parent company, Mintel, Comperemedia is:

The complete and expert source of product-level data and insight in direct marketing. We monitor acquisition strategies, pricing, targeted offers and product introductions from our rolling and lifecycle panels in five channels for the US and Canada.

As if pedestrians don’t have enough to worry about already, now we have to be wary of rolling panels. But that’s not what confused us the most.

Say What?

What really caused us to scratch our heads was this, under trend #1 above:

In the face of ongoing pandemic concerns like inflation, exponential increases in product offerings and choices, and limited out-of-home experiences, consumers will demand control via stability, simplified choices, and fresh entertainment experiences.

We could understand how and why inflation might be a pandemic concern. We got the fact that exponential increases in product offerings might cause curiosity, if not concern. We share people’s concerns about limited out-of-home experiences. And we’re right there with the desire for stability and simplified choices. Give us simple coverage choices from a stable company, and we’re good to go.

But we have to admit to being stymied by fresh entertainment experiences. At first we thought it might be a typo. It’s easy enough to imagine typographical errors of one, two, or maybe even 10 characters. But 30? That felt like a stretch. Even when we had to type The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in our high school typing class, blindfolded, we didn’t make that many typos. Then we thought maybe the folks at Comperemedia believed consumers wanted to be entertained by the insurance they buy. We enjoy all of the insurance protection we’ve purchased in our lives. But we can’t recall having been entertained by any of it.

The Fine Print?

We may or may not call the folks at Comperemedia to find out what they’re on about. But in the meantime, we’re going to play closer attention to the fine print in our insurance policies.

We can’t stand the thought that we may be missing something.

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