Ready By Design

The outbreak of the coronavirus constitutes a profound test for the insurance industry. More pointedly, it’s a test of your company’s ability to continue operations without staff members being in the office. The fact is, now more than ever, insurers will have to rely on the contingency plans they put in place and the software they use to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. And now more than ever, insurance is essential, from the strategic complexities of assessing risks to the tactical simplicity of printing documents.

In anticipation of operational interruptions of any sort, more than 10 years ago we developed the capabilities for entities to act as virtual insurers. There’s no need for bricks and mortar, other than a mailing address for legal purposes. All processes and transactions could be completely conducted online. All printing and check issuance could be outsourced. As a result, and because the Finys Suite is an online system, your employees can do their jobs without coming into the office. Print still goes out. Checks still go out. Claims still get processed. And for most of our customers, we  manage all the hardware and software they need to run their core systems.

There’s More

Because of the capabilities we’ve developed, all our employees are now working from home. All implementation and development work is being completed without significant interruption. We’ve developed some new management-reporting protocols. We’re gathering specifications for two new implementations that will begin this month. And our sales efforts continue apace, albeit without travel.

It’s not our intent to exploit the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Rather, it’s our intent to take responsibility for doing what we can to help the industry we love and serve weather this storm and serve its constituents as comprehensively as possible. Yes. We’re a software company. Yes. We did prepare ourselves and our customers for an eventuality such as this. But it’s not our intent to take advantage of it.

We’re all in this together. And if we pull together, we’ll move more weight across the finish line of this pandemic.

The coronavirus is now. We can’t know what might be next. But we’re ready for it, by design.

Please let us know how we can help you be ready now and for the future.