Afloat Again

We’re not sure we’ve stumbled on the proverbial new normal. But we’re positive we’ve found new life in the ninth month of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like everyone else on the planet, we slowed down for a while. We had to. Common sense dictates proceeding with caution through uncharted waters. But we started to find our way, to establish a productive heading, to discover like-minded companies that realized as long as the world’s still turning and the sun’s still coming up, there’s work to be done.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun to generate a considerable amount of new activity. Our phone and email communication has picked up significantly. We’ve gotten out to call on some prospects in person. And we have more travel booked into December and beyond. It’s definitely not the old normal. But we’re getting the distinct sense that if there’s going to be a new normal, we’re going to have to create it.

Finding Our Way

The poet, T.S. Eliot, once wrote, “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” We don’t mean to suggest we’ve gotten any taller. But it’s fair to suggest we were all in over our heads for a while. When the whole world is thrown into the deep end, words like daunting and disorienting qualify as world-class understatements. So, we all had to tread water, find some buoyancy, and find our own ways to stay afloat.

Now that we’re back on the surface, we’re determined to stay here. We’ve kept all our people aboard. We’ve taken care of our customers. We’ve maintained our connections. We’ve stayed in touch with our prospects. We’ve worked through our challenges. And we’ve been as fortunate as we are determined.

As we start to emerge from the pandemic — or as we learn to navigate its previously uncharted waters, at least — we hope you have the same good fortune we have.

You might not be seeing the light yet. But if you keep swimming, you’ll get to the surface.

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