’Tis the Season

It’s time to pump the brakes.

Yes. We know the year’s not quite over yet. But think about how much is behind us:

  • If any of the system changes you might have taken on this year aren’t finished, they’re likely well underway.
  • If your budgeting for next year isn’t finished, you only have two choices at this point anyway: (1) Panic. (2) Put a bow on it after the first of the year.
  • You either completed all the organizational transformations or reinventions your were going to take on this year — or you realized they were figments of some marketer’s imagination.
  • Your holiday shopping must definitely be done; otherwise, you wouldn’t have the time to be hanging around reading this post.

No matter what, the year’s winding down. If you don’t take time to wind down with it, you’ll be back in the race in the first week of January without having taken a deep breath, to say nothing of a rest or a celebratory drink.

Take Two and Call Us in the Morning*

We also know you didn’t ask. But here’s what we prescribe for the Holiday Season fast upon us:

  1. Since Christmas is on a Wednesday, try to take Monday and Tuesday off, too.
  2. If you can pull it off — or if your boss is going to be away — take Thursday and Friday off, too.
  3. Since New Year’s Day is on Wednesday of the following week, see if you can get away with 1 and 2 that week, as well.
  4. Since Hanukkah starts on Sunday, December 22, and ends the evening of Monday, December 30, just disappear until January 6 and tell your boss you thought Hanukkah was two weeks because 2019 wasn’t a leap year.
  5. If you don’t observe any religious holidays, do whatever you want. The only day you really have to worry about is Valentine’s Day because … well … you know.

If you get in trouble for any of that, to paraphrase Mission: Impossible, we’ll disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Just Joking

Kidding aside, we wish everyone who reads this post — along with our customers, our prospects, and all their loved ones — a joyous, restful Holiday Season and a bright, prosperous New Year.

Seasons greetings from all of us at Finys.

* We’re not doctors or HR consultants. We don’t even play ‘em on TV. In fact, we didn’t even audition. But we think we’re on to something anyway.

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