No-Code/Low-Code Expectations

After seeing a sizable number of articles and posts about the application of no-code/low-code (NC/LC) development in insurance, we recently conducted a Google search on that precise topic — no code/low code in insurance. The search yielded 4,920,000,000 hits, leading us to the conclusion that the topic might not be that new or novel. One of the hits we got was an article from the research and evaluation firm, AIMultiple, entitled, “Impact of the Low/No-Code Platforms on the Insurance Sector”. It said this, in part:

Low/no-code practices democratize and accelerate the software development process thanks to their graphical interface that reduces or eliminates the need to write code. It is an opportunity for insurers, pushing them to develop solutions that solve their business problems quickly … By using low/no-code development, insurance companies can:

  • Decrease sunk costs of their IT investments significantly,
  • Quickly adapt to the changing environment,
  • Increase their operational efficiency by eliminating the negative effects of skills differentials among their employees.

We don’t mean to be arrogant. But it was by precisely that logic, for exactly those reasons, that we introduced our Design Studio in 2018. It comprises the exact same toolset our developers and designers use. And it’s built on a no-code platform


The subhead above isn’t the familiar distress signal. Rather it’s the abbreviation for Shiny Object Syndrome. We understand technology companies have marketing jobs to do to attract interest in their products. We understand consultants have technologies to tout to attract interest in their services. We understand the trade media have sales jobs to do to attract readers and advertisers to their publications. And we understand some chasms are wider and take longer to cross than others. So, we appreciate the fact that some things are hyped beyond their sell-by dates.

But sometimes we can’t help but wish that the trade media would publicize what’s real and in use, just as we wish the news media would publicize the good news that takes place and the good deeds that are being done every day.

We’re familiar with the journalistic phrase, if it bleeds, it leads. And we know sensationalism sells.

But sliced bread, bottled beer, and NC/LC have been done. We can be more creative than this.

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