Changing the Subject Won’t Help

We firmly believe in the notion that anything is possible. If a person puts his mind to something, or if a group of people commits to working together to accomplish something previously unaccomplished, we’re among the first to believe it can be done. But believing anything is possible isn’t the same as believing everything is possible.

By the same token, common wisdom has it that the shortest route to any destination is a straight line. Along similar lines (no pun intended), the shortest route to the resolution of any question, particularly a business question, is a straight answer.

Presuming we’re all in agreement on those two points (why wouldn’t we be?), where does that leave us? We don’t know that we can answer for everyone. But we certainly can answer for ourselves.

Function Follows Facility

We make software to perform specific functions for a specific industry. Insurance. It does lots of things insurance software needs to do: It administers policies and claims. It manages billing. It provides business intelligence. It permits access through portals and mobile devices. And it features a WYSIWYG Design Studio that lets you design, configure, and manage the entire Finys Suite; to develop and deploy products, states, and lines of business; or to quickly change any of those things with or without our help, or any degree in between, depending on your needs and desires.

As much as it pains us to admit it, the Finys Suite doesn’t make coffee. It doesn’t play the violin. It won’t make us better looking.

The fact of the matter is, we don’t want the Suite do any of those things (with the possible exception of making us better looking). Our customers don’t need it to do those things. And we’ll never tell our customers or prospects the Suite will do everything they might want it to do. With their input and a legitimately demonstrable need, we can likely get the Suite to do anything they might like it to do. But we won’t make impractical promises, avoid their questions, or give circuitous answers to those questions.

Changing the subject, or avoiding it, won’t help anyone.

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