Encouragement by Design

By: Shweta Porwal

I was pursuing my master’s degree in computer science when I came to work at Finys as an intern in September of 2018. The next year I got my degree, and I was offered a full-time position as a software developer with the claims team.

When I began my internship at Finys, I just wanted to step into the job market and didn’t know about my long-term goals. But every year or so, it feels as if I’m starting something new. I’ve been given new opportunities, and as the company’s grown, I’ve been able to venture into new projects and responsibilities. It’s never been boring. As examples, I’ve been offered roles in Data Analysis, Product development, and Integrations. One of the main benefits of working here is that we’re always given chances to try new things and to see where we fit best.

Finys is also very transparent about its direction and the new opportunities that will come up. In our company meetings and team meetings, we’re told things like, “There will be a lot of opportunities to grow in this area,” or, “We’re taking steps to move into this new technology.” Being involved, being a part of those conversations, and getting to know that information makes you feel respected.

Even as an intern, if I pointed out something that needed doing, fixing, or improving, they’d say, “Find a solution, present it, and we’ll consider it.” We’re always encouraged. And if you come here as a newbie, you won’t be benched for months of training. Rather, people will consider you as a part of the team and include you in the planning from get go. They’ll encourage you. You’ll be able to get your hands dirty, so to speak. You’ll be able to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. It’s an amazing place to be.

Here, you have mentors looking at what you’re doing, and being aware of anything that affects our clients. But your suggestions will be considered and tested. And you’ll have the opportunity to refine it. You don’t have to be nervous.

Some people may think of the insurance industry as boring. But if you consider the user’s experience with our software, our job is really about problem-solving. We’ve worked with customers who have legacy systems, and they’re frustrated. We give them new features and capabilities. We give them new ways of doing the work they’ve been doing. That makes it interesting for them and rewarding for us.

So, we’re always encouraged to listen to our customers, to pay attention to their emails, and to catch smaller things that will make a difference for them day to day, even if they don’t realize it or haven’t asked for it. That’s the kind of mindset we’re encouraged to have. Anything we can do to make our product better and the lives of our customers better will be supported.

That’s why I’ve been happy and fulfilled here since 2018.

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